Care Info

We pride ourselves on our quality! Help keep your new Honey Twenty Two in its sparkling glory by following these tips. 

To keep your jewelry in pristine condition, we recommend avoiding contact with water, as this can wear away at the finishes of the metal, and dull the shine of the stones. We also recommend avoiding contact with salt water, chlorine, perfumes and hairspray. 

Preserve your jewelry by storing your pieces in the Honey Twenty Two pouch, and avoiding contact with water. To clean your pieces, we recommend using our microfiber polishing cloth!


Silver Care

Over time, your sterling silver piece can tarnish. This is especially true when your piece is exposed to salt air, salt water, and sulfur products such as rubber bands and some papers. Silver that is regularly used requires less care typically. If your Honey Twenty Two is made from solid silver, we encourage you to wear it as much as possible. 

To clean your sterling silver, use a small amount of silver cleaner on our soft cloth and rub onto your jewelry. Rinse with warm water and dry carefully, this will remove tarnish and dullness.


Plated Jewelry

Please take extra care, as platings can wear down over time revealing the metal base underneath. Gold or silver plated jewelry will wear over time revealing the base underneath. Certain products may accelerate this, so we recommend the following:

  • avoid saltwater and chlorine
  • avoid perfumes and other chemicals 
  • when not in use, store your jewelry in the Honey Twenty Two pouch
  • avoid getting the jewelry wet
  • when doing vigorous activity, store your jewelry in the Honey Twenty Two pouch