Choosing the right tennis bracelet

Having a tennis bracelet to wear every day is a stunning statement! Choosing the right tennis bracelet to call your own can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from from the stone shape to the metal color, we've got you covered.


When choosing your perfect tennis bracelet, it is important to consider the shape of the stones. The most classic shape for the crystals in a tennis bracelet is round, or brilliant cut. This cut is a timeless classic, and will match any look you pair it with! You can also opt for a different look by going with oval cut stones. Oval cut stones look great on tennis bracelets, and can make the bracelet appear thicker. Another popular option is to opt for princess cut stones. This square cut design reflects light beautifully! Having princess cut stones on your tennis bracelet is a gorgeous option that is popular amongst many. 



 Another important option you have, is selecting with metal you would like. Some things to consider, is acknowledging which metals you tend to wear the most. What color is the hardware on your favorite bag? What about your favorite earrings? We offer tones of white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Choosing the right finish really brings out the style of your other pieces. White gold or silver tones really compliment any look. It is a classic style that is one of our favorites! Yellow gold tennis bracelets are a category in its own. Matched with other yellow gold pieces, you can achieve a really luxe look! Rose gold is considered the most romantic metal, with gorgeous pink hues. 



There are various clasps to choose from with tennis bracelets. A folding clasp (bottom left) is a clasp that folds simply around a bar and secures into place. Is it simple to take off, and just requires a lifting of the clasp to release it from the bar. If you want something more secure, you might want to opt for a box clasp. A box clasp fits a small tongue into a groove and latches into place. Box clasps are often accompanied by a safety clasp, either one or two. A single safety box clasp (bottom middle) is a box clasp that is accompanied by a safety latch. This safety latch is an added protection in case the box clasp itself comes undone. No one wants to look down and see that their tennis bracelet has slipped off! Our favorite clasp is the double safety box clasp (bottom right). This is just like the single safety, except there are two safety latches! This added security is great to have in ensuring that your bracelet will stay where it belongs.